Digital Scanning for Business Records

Scanning services for your key business files

Scan Records in Any Format

Transfer any records to digital. Wide format imaging and conversion is ideal for oversize documents like blueprints, construction and engineering drawings, and aerial photographs. All it takes is a call, fax, or web request to get any document or file you need with scanning on demand.

Paper Files & Client Records

Microfilm & Microfiche

Medical Records

Architecture Blueprints & Plans

microfilm scanning

Microfiche & Microfilm Conversion

Preserve and digitize your files with microfilm and microfiche scanning.

Save on physical storage space and access your files easily by getting rid of old file formats and upgrading to digital.

We’ll pick up your microfilm slides and convert them to digital files with our microfiche scanner.

Digital Access to Vital Records

Labeling and organizing each file can be time consuming and expensive for your admin team. Inaccurate indexing can lead to lost data and compliance issues.

Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition software (OCR & ICR) captures data quickly and accurately, for more efficient and cost-effective scanning.

Access files online from a convenient, user-friendly online portal or secure file transfer protocol site (SFTP) or with any portable method like USB, CD, or DVD.

large format scanning

Scanning On Demand

If it’s not in your budget to convert large record storage inventories to scanned digital images quickly, try scan-on-demand services.

Store your files and media in our secure document management facility. When you need access to a file digitally, we’ll scan and send you only the files or boxes you need.

Long-term scanning projects are just as simple. Tell us how many boxes to scan every month until all your files are converted to digital scans.

Digital Archiving & Backups

Protect your newly digitized files with the right records management plan.

Digital backups protect your archives from data loss or theft.

Disaster recovery planning protects your business from worst case scenarios.

On-Site Scanning

For highly sensitive materials, industry requirements, and security, trust us with on-site scanning services at your location.

We assign a dedicated professional staff to each project and provide the equipment, technicians, and on-site project management to ensure your document conversion is successful.