Press Release: Smith & Hammaker Expands Document Storage Facility

Document Storage

The document storage facility at Smith & Hammaker is undergoing an expansion, adding 25,000 square feet of storage space. The expansion offers the opportunity for this growing information management provider to provide more document storage space for local businesses.

“We’re seeing everyone want to go paperless, but paper is still required for every business to function,” says Butch Smith, owner of Smith & Hammaker.

“As much as we pride ourselves in today’s paperless world of relying on technology and digital files, paper is not a dead medium yet. Businesses still need somewhere to keep files, and our facility is the most secure place to keep confidential records — until every business goes completely digital, that is.”

Located in downtown Knoxville, the secure facility is at about 75% capacity and growing. The expansion adds room for about 300,000 boxes or 20 million files. This welcome upgrade allows Smith & Hammaker to support company growth and clients’ storage needs for many years to come.

The building plan and designs have been approved, and construction is well under way. Local construction team Johnson Architects is leading the building crew. The expansion is in the final stages of construction and is due to be completed by the end of fall.

The secure, HIPAA-compliant facility offers shredding, scanning, and storage for business records and confidential files and media. Businesses in Knoxville and the surrounding area enjoy security and savings with the convenience of managing files from a local facility.

Security is top priority at this facility, and the storage expansion adds even more protection and privacy for client data. Clients and employees will enjoy new parking spaces inside the security gate, and a new lobby area makes it easy for clients to view their files.

The document storage expansion isn’t the only project in the works. Rivalry Thursday football season is gearing up this fall, sponsored in part by Smith & Hammaker. Hosted on a local TV channel and live online stream, featured high school football matches give local Tennessee schools a chance to show their stuff and win prizes.

About Smith & Hammaker

Local businesses have trusted Smith & Hammaker with storage, shredding, and scanning since 1990. Smith & Hammaker is committed to providing the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective records management while providing dependable and committed customer service. With a facility centrally located in downtown Knoxville, Smith & Hammaker is the leading provider of full-service information management services for Knoxville and East Tennessee. Learn more at or get in touch at (865) 637-7881 or

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