Microfiche & Microfilm Conversion

Digital scanning for microfilms

Convert Microfilms to Digital Files

Your microfilms are at risk of deteriorating over time, making it impossible to use that data in a film reader. Move from films to digital with microfilm scanning services.

Prevent Data Loss

Prevent quality loss or complete data loss by digitizing old microfilms before they become unusable.

Save Storage Costs

No need to store and maintain microfilms and microfilm readers.

Search & Send Files

Search, print, email, and share digital images quickly from your computer without the need for film readers.

Back Up Data

Protect your data with automatic, managed backups for easy archiving.

Microfiche & Microfilm Conversion

Save on physical storage space and access your files easily by getting rid of old file formats and upgrading to digital.

We’ll pick up your microfilm slides and convert them to digital files with our microfiche scanner.

Convert all your old microfilm or microfiche at once or store your film in our secure storage facility and we’ll scan films when you need to reference them.

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Import to Any Digital Format

Our scanner converts your films to the highest quality and resolution digital files. Scanned digital images are often better than the quality of the original film.

Convert your films to PDF, JPG, TIFF, CD, DVD, or online portal. Import your digital files quickly to your document management system or file server.

You can even access files online from a convenient, user-friendly online portal or secure file transfer protocol site (SFTP).

Easy File Searching & Sharing

The scanned image is processed through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and then output to an electronic searchable PDF. Search within the image to quickly find information.

You’ll also save time searching for films or using clumsy film readers. All of your data is easy to navigate and search with the click of a button. You can search, print, email, and share with ease.

microfilm scanning services
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Secure File Access

Your films are safe and secure from the time we pick up your films to the time your film conversion is complete.

Once your films are digital, you can set access controls for confidential files in your file server or document management system. Only allow access to people who need the files for better compliance and security.

Daily backups with monitoring and fast restores complete your file recovery and disaster recovery plan.