Secure Media Archiving

Climate-controlled storage for preserving media

Local Media & Tape Storage

Keeping your media records safe from theft, loss, and deterioration isn't easy in a typical office. Prevent data loss with customized storage for tapes and drives that's easy to access when you need it.

Offsite Backup Tapes

Protect your most valuable business data with offsite backups and duplicates.

Long-Term Archiving

Store media in a secure, climate-controlled, uncontaminated environment.

Lifecycle Management

Easy access to storage, scanning, and shredding at the same local storage facility.

Easy Access & Ideal Archive Environment

Get access to your media records within a day and store them in ideal conditions when not in use.

Your media stays in a limited access facility with 24/7 monitoring. Trained couriers can deliver your media, usually the same day, when you need to access it.

hard drive shredding

Media Tapes & More

Maybe you have a drawer or supply closet full of old hard drives and tapes because you're not sure what to do with them. We'll help you find the best way to preserve your data whatever the format.

Microfiche & Microfilm

LTO & DLT Data Storage Tapes

Audio & Video Tapes

3mm, 4mm, & 8mm Mini Cassettes

Solid State Hard Drives & Disk Drives

USB Flash Drives & Portable Drives


Backup Servers

Preserve Media Lifespan

How much does it cost to store your tapes? How much would it cost to lose your tape data?

Most tapes have an estimated lifespan of 10 years under ideal conditions. Warm, humid environments can ruin tapes through magnetic or chemical degradation, not to mention damage caused by sunlight, machinery, magnetic, or other exposures.

To prevent information loss, consider where your tapes are being stored now and your backup plan if those tapes were ever destroyed.

microfilm scanning
secure records

Trust the Security Experts

Designed to protect digital and physical media in ideal conditions, the state-of-the-art Firelock media storage vault is the best way to preserve delicate tapes and disks.

The Firelock vault is a fireproof, heat-insulated, magnetically shielded environment equipped with an independent climate control system that regulates temperature and humidity.

Your information's safe behind our limited access security system with gates, fences, surveillance, keycodes, handprint scanners, and advanced fire suppression technology.