Large-Format Scanning

Convert wide-format documents to digital files

Scan Large Format Documents to Digital Files

Wide format imaging and conversion is ideal for oversize documents like medical records, blueprints, drawings, and aerial photographs. Enjoy fast pickup and scanning on demand to get your files digitized quickly.

Medical & Client Records

Medical Records

Engineering Plans

Architectural Blueprints

Scanning Services Designed for Large Format Documents

Your office isn't the ideal place to store drawings and plans.

Paying for correct indexing, wide format storage, and humidity-controlled environments is expensive and doesn't guarantee preservation of your files.

Save on physical storage space and access your files easily by getting rid of old file formats and upgrading to digital.

medical records

Easy File Searching & Sharing

The scanned image is processed through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and then output to an electronic searchable PDF. Search within the image to quickly find information.

Save time searching for records in your archive or deciphering deteriorating files. All of your data is easy to navigate and search with the click of a button. You can search, print, email, and share with ease.

Bulk Scanning for Large Format Documents

Our large bed scanner converts your files to the highest quality and resolution digital files, preserving the content and quality of your large-format files.

View your files on a portable device or convenient, user-friendly online portal.

It's simple and easy to import your new digital files to your document management system or file server. Save, send, and share files with ease.

large format scanning