Information Governance & Consulting

The right information management policies to protect your business

Business Records Management

Comprehensive data management goes beyond paper shredding. From HIPAA compliance to privacy regulations, you need the tools to identify risks and secure your data and files. We'll help you consider all your corporate structure, policies, and training to protect your business.

Prevent Data Breaches

Reduce corporate risks and prevent your data from falling in the wrong hands.

Cut Storage Costs

Reduce costs of data and document storage by only keeping what you need.

Keep Files Organized

Find the right files every time and setting access permissions by employee roles.

Complete Records Management

What happens to files when they're created?

Where are they stored? Who has access to them? What happens to copies? Are they backed up? When can you delete them? How are they destroyed?

Protecting your files is just as important as protecting your business. We'll help you understand the best way to maintain your records and data.

business records

Meet Your Industry Requirements

Create the right policies and infrastructure for the laws, quality standards, and compliance rules for your industry.

Legal Firms & Lawyers

Hospitals & Doctors

Nonprofits & Schools

Banks & Finance Teams

Real Estate

Confidence in Your Policies

You may already have a set of company policies in place.

It's difficult to stay up to speed with ever changing requirements and compliance rules.

Our experts in information governance will work with you to ensure you're completely compliant with comprehensive, fully documented, and tested policies.

Don't Stop with Policies

Information governance is just the first step to protecting your business.

Compliance testing, disaster recovery planning, and online data backups are your ongoing insurance for future business challenges.