Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction

Destroy hard drives & media securely

Secure Media & Tape Shredding

Keeping your media records safe from theft, loss, and deterioration isn't easy in a typical office. Protect your business from data loss with shredding options customized for tapes, drives, and more.

Solid State Hard Drives & Disk Drives

LTO & DLT Data Storage Tapes

USB Flash Drives & Portable Drives


Guaranteed to Destroy Data

Data wiping software, degaussing, crushing, or punching the drives can still leave data intact or recoverable.

Our hard drive destruction method is 100% reliably guaranteed to obliterate all information previously stored without any recovery.

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Protect Your Business

Do you remove and securely shred the hard drive from computers, servers, copiers, and fax machines before you replace them?

Your old drives may contain client data, financial information, medical records, or private photos on them. This seemingly innocent data is worth a lot of money to a hacker and can be used for identity theft, credit card fraud, and other illegal activity.

It’s no longer enough to simply erase this information from hard drives before they’re discarded. Hard drive shredding is the only way you can verify the data is 100% destroyed.

Staying Compliant with HIPAA

Every business owner thinks a data breach can't happen to them. 1 in 3 businesses are wrong. Don't risk your business over a hard drive.

The fines and penalties can be enough to ruin your reputation or even your business, especially when it comes to HIPAA violations for medical info.

Our experts in business compliance can help you understand compliance requirements and prevent worst case scenarios and data breaches.

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NAID-Certified Media Shredding

When confidential business or client data falls into the wrong hands, you could be liable for fines and fees.

Enterprise-level shredding ensures your valuable business data is destroyed without any chance of recovery.

Your certificate of destruction includes device serial numbers for a clear chain of custody and auditing trail.