Protection for Any Business Records

The safest place for your company info & client data

Records Storage from A to Z

Rest easy knowing your company's records are safe and sound in the most secure records warehouse in Knoxville.

Patient Records & X-Rays

Legal Files & Casework

Tax & Financial Records

Employee & HR Documents

Architecture Blueprints & Plans

Client Contracts & Data

Student Paperwork & Records

Arrest Records & Reports

Store Digital Records

Paper files aren't the only thing you need to worry about.

From microfilms and security tapes to hard drives, your media's safe in the vault.

With 24/7 monitoring, fire suppression, and temperature and humidity control, the Firelock vault provides a fireproof, heat-insulated, and magnetically shielded environment protecting your data.

hard drive shredding

Trust the Security Experts

Self-storage units offer less protection than you think. Fire, thieves, lost keys, or your own employees can leave you and your clients at risk for identity theft and fraud.

Your information's safe behind our limited access security system with gates, fences, surveillance, keycodes, handprint scanners, and advanced fire suppression technology.

Need to access your info? Call when you need file delivery or view your records at our facility. Create a security list of personnel at your company who can access the files so your team has access when they need it.

Save Office Space for Business-Essential Functions

On-site storage may be more convenient, but it’s a poor use of office space.

Besides paying for unused square footage and AC, the space you’re wasting on storage could be used for offices and desks for your employees.

Some of our clients have gained back enough space for a showroom or call center. What could you do with your file storage space?


Compliance Is Key

HIPAA compliance? Check.

NAID certification? Check.

SOC, SOX, FACTA, GLBA... we've got your files covered with complete industry standards and compliance for scanning, shredding, and storage.