Complete Records Management

Full-service records lifecycle management

Records Management Simplified

We'll take care of your files so you don't have to worry about where they are or who has access to them. Helping you decide what to store, shred, or scan is part of our complete records management process. Whether your company has specific compliance policies or you just want to leave everything to the professionals, we make it easy to choose the best way to protect your files.

Office Moves

Bulging cabinets with years of unfiled pages aren't exactly mover-ready. Get organized and remove the stress of moving or consolidating office locations.

Acquisitions & Mergers

Major employee changes can mean rearranging storage space and desks. Plan for rearranging office spaces and working areas.

Efficiency Initiatives

When upper management starts a push to improve productivity, get ahead of the game by controlling your records, media, and office clutter.

Easy File Delivery & Access

Our transportation team will pick up files on demand within 4 business hours. We’ll bring your files back to our secure storage facility, where they’ll be cataloged and stored.

If you need access to your files, we can deliver them to your office or scan them so you can access them electronically.

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Keep Your Files Secure & Out of the Way

Your office may be stuffed full of files, records, and data you rarely use but need to keep for compliance or reference. Let us manage your office records to save you time and space and keep your business running efficiently.

Our secure, HIPAA-compliant facility protects your information with 24/7, limited access security. Only approved personnel can enter the facility, and all guests are signed in and escorted when they access their own files.

Scan & Digitize Files

Need access to your files digitally?

Scan-on-demand services can help you significantly reduce your overall records management costs with electronic access to paper files.

We’ll scan and digitize your files so you can access them from our online file storage portal or any portable storage device you prefer like a USB or hard drive.

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Shred & Destroy Old Records & Media

With secure media and hard drive destruction, we’ll ensure sensitive or confidential data is completely destroyed.

Keep a shred bin at your office for regular shredding and recycling to keep the paper piles under control, or send over any one-time shredding projects like a storage cleanout, office move, or file purge.

One Stop Shop

You have easy access to storage, scanning, and shredding to manage records more efficiently long term.

If you need access to your files or media, we can deliver them to your office or scan them so you can access them electronically.

With end-of-life management, we'll store your records until you no longer need to keep data. Once the records reach the expiration date, we’ll confirm with you, then securely shred the records.

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