About Smith & Hammaker

Secure records management for local businesses

Secure Records Management for Local Businesses




Step Inside the Vault

Our secure records facility is the best kept secret in Knoxville.

The fortress-like building sits behind tall fences topped with barbed wire. Once you're permitted behind the gate, more security measures protect our customers' data, including an alarmed security system with keycode access plus biometric scanners for the highest security areas.

Only approved company representatives are allowed into the records warehouse to view or collect their records. Our own employees are screened and trained on security protocols.


Protecting Knoxville's Records Since 1990

Local businesses across East Tennessee have trusted Smith & Hammaker Office Records Management with storage, shredding, and scanning for more than 27 years.

Reliable customer service is the key to providing the best experience for our clients. We’re committed to providing the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective information management solutions in Knoxville and East Tennessee.

Our Values

Customer service is our top priority.
Confidential information stays in our secure facility
because we treat our clients’ data as carefully as our own.


Supporting Our Community

Staying involved in our community and supporting local groups reminds us how great our community is and motivates us to work harder for our customers.

Maybe you've spotted one of our trucks making a delivery or seen the Rivalry Thursday truck at a high school football game. We're also a member of the Better Business Bureau and connect with Knoxville leaders in community meetings.