Your Information Management Provider

Full-service records management for businesses & professionals

Protecting Your Files & Media

Your data's in safe hands from the moment our secure courier fleet picks up your files. We'll deliver your records to our secure facility to be processed for scanning, shredding, or storage. Your files are protected from theft or loss at every step.


Secure your records in a controlled facility. Access your files whenever you need them.


Destroy sensitive data and private client info without the risk of a breach or violation.


Scan business records to digital files that are easy to search, share, and secure.

Free Office Consultation

Records management experts will assess your offices and how you're currently managing your data.

We'll work with you to understand your company and industry requirements and create your custom quote for the most secure and efficient records management options.

No fees, no obligations.

Trusted Local Information Management

When it comes to your files, it's good to know they're safe in storage but you can get to them when you need to.

Stop by our secure facility downtown and we'll help you get access, or call us and our drivers will deliver your files within 4 business hours.

You'll know our drivers by name when they pick up your boxes or shred bins. Call in for support and our customer service team will greet you with a friendly hello and help you with any request, even after hours.

Business Consulting Services

Understanding complex regulations and policies takes a lot of effort. Not understanding them can get you in legal trouble.

Sometimes you need to call in an outside expert.

As a NAID-certified facility, we know how difficult it is to make sure you're compliant. Business security and compliance consulting can help get you back on track and avoid penalties and fines.

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Some Stats We're Proud Of

800 Clients

4.9/5 Satisfaction Rate

1 Million Files Scanned Every Year

17,000 Trees Saved Every Year

Focused on Community

From high school sports games to local business and leadership meetings, we're active in Knoxville outreach and events. Supporting local teams, groups, and businesses helps Knoxville grow into a better community and a city we can all be proud of.
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Digital Records Management

Protecting your data shouldn't stop with physical records. From online backups to firewalls, we can help you manage your digital records and technology. SH Data Centers is our partner in managed IT services.